Neasham Road

There are two hives at Skipbridge in a kind resident's garden who is also looking after them with us. One of these colonies is known as "The Scottish Bees" which have proven to be extremely docile. When our photographer, David Alban, photographed these hives, he didn't have a bee suit so at first had to back away for most of the time, only occasionally taking closer pictures. However, with the Scottish hive, he could stand next to them and snap away the whole time. They didn't even need the smoker.

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Without a beesuite, he had to keep his distance from this hive.
A drop of Hive Clean to ward off the varroa mite.
He was, however, able to get as close as he liked to the Scottish hive.
The Queen bee, again with a red mark.
Lots of brood cells in this one. More bees on the way...
"Hold on!"
Buzzing for Britain. They do this to ventelate the hive. The wings are blurred even though this was less than 1/1000 of a second.
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