Croft & Hurworth Primary Schools

We have been discussing and working with the above schools for some time. The first introduction to the schools was when Friends of the Community (FOTC) approached them to see if they would be willing to partake in a small competition to come up with a more funkier and crisper name than FOTC, plus a logo.

This venture proved to be a great success and happily, and purely coincidentally, we arrived at a winner from each school, thus the name EPICH and the tree of life logo.

We have now got an amount of money allocated, with help from HPC, to produce a garden in each school with the emphasis on pollinating plants.

We are also arranging with Darlington BeeKeepers Association to visit each school in the summer term and give a presentation on the life and importance of honeybees. This would also include a demonstration hive where it is possible to view the actual activity in a hive. At the moment we are waiting for the bees to wake up, probably from March into July, and then we will put this plan into action.

Our new chairman, Wilma Campbell, who has just retired from a deputy headship at Polam, is very enthusiastic about establishing a lasting interactive relationship where ideas and activities relating to the environment can be fed in both directions. School events, activities etc. could be linked into our web site to provide a mutual window to the village. This is all very embryonic at the moment but it provides a flavour of possible initiatives.

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