What’s in a Name?

A number of people have asked us “What does Friends of the Community (FOTC) do?”. We then go into a fairly laborious explanation about flora and fauna and the various projects we have done and are planning to do to encourage and support these elements in our community.
So, the suggestion was made we should try and come up with something a little crisper and funkier, perhaps something we could use as a domain name and then develop a web site, and if we developed a website wouldn’t we also need a logo, which could also be used for letterheads and general advertising.
           Consequently we decided to turn to Hurworth and Croft Primary schools for inspiration, suggesting to each they run two competitions, one for the name and one for the logo, and FOTC would give £10 to each of the winning pupils.
Both schools agreed enthusiastically to partake and, after initial filtering by the schools, two winners were picked by FOTC chairman Maureen Powles and committee member Val Hughes from about 40 entries, all of which were of a very high standard.
The winner of the logo competition was Emily Liddle from Hurworth Primary, and we felt her entry, whether it was intended or not, was very reminiscent of “The Tree of Life” which we thought very simply and ideally embodied our aims.
The winner of the name competition was Dominic Hancock from Croft Primary who came up with the acronym EPICH, “Eco People In Croft & Hurworth, which we think is crisp and funky.
Congratulations and our thanks to everybody who took part.

We shall be working with these two schools and Hurworth School by donating a selection of plants, and assisting in developing garden plots within their grounds to encourage pollinating insects such as bumblebees and honeybees.
We are in the process of establishing honeybee colonies at various locations in the area, much of this work being enabled by the obtaining of a £3,100 grant from the County Durham Community Foundation.
If you would like to easily help the desperate plight of these creatures please e-mail our secretary John Martin at info@epich.org.uk and he will forward leaflets on how you can go about it.

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